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Our Terrific Staff


     Dana Weary, DC, DABCO


Dr. Weary has been in practice since 1982, arriving in Spokane after a 3-year internship in Los Angeles. In 1996, he was awarded a Diplomate in Chiropractic Orthopedics, an advanced certification requiring three years of post-graduate study and board examination. He is full body certified in Active Release Technique, having begun training with Dr. Michael Leahy in 1998. He enjoys a very busy practice, treating patients of all ages and athletic ability, in part because of his strong relationship with dozens of physicians and other health care providers in Spokane and surrounding communities.

Dr. Weary’s passions include patient care, enjoying an active life with his incredible wife Dr. Kelli Pearson and their two dogs Booker and Wally, and playing jazz guitar as often as possible.


Kelli Pearson, DC, DABCO


Dr. Pearson has been in practice since 1982, and in Spokane since 1984. She has been co-owner of Pearson & Weary Clinics with her husband, Dr. Weary, since 1989. Beginning in 1986, Kelli  joined Group Health Northwest as a clinician and director of chiropractic services, a position which continued for 14 years, before joining Dr. Weary full time. She has Diplomate certification in Chiropractic Orthopedics and is currently completing her certification in Chiropractic Occupational Health. She is full body certified in Active Release Technique as well as Graston Technique, two of the most effective soft tissue treatment strategies utilized in sports medicine today. Dr. Pearson has also enjoyed working with the Gonzaga Bulldogs from 1997 through the present, as well as the Spokane Shock, our local arena football team since their inception in 2006.

Dr. Pearson was recently elected as the District 1 Governor for the American Chiropractic Association, making her a member of the Board of Governors of the premier national association of our profession. She has served two years as president of the Washington Chiropractic Association as well and has taught post-graduate neurology to chiropractors for over two decades. Dr. Pearson is passionate about helping people find their way back to health and raising the standards of care for patients in pain. She tries hard to embody the lifestyle and belief systems she

teaches to others. To learn why Dr. Pearson chose to study as a Chiropractor, read this. 


Jamie Gore, DC


Dr. Gore returns to her home State of Washington to begin her career in chiropractic with us, after following her dream to work in health care. She completed her training at the University of Wester States in 2014 after interning with us her senior quarter. She is passionate about helping people of all activity levels get out of pain and begin living healthier lives.   Dr. Gore is certified in Active Release Technique, which we have found invaluable in relieving pain and restoring function.  She enjoys spending her free time active outdoors whether hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter.  She also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and enjoys reading and learning whenever possible.


Chance O’Looney, DC


Dr. Chance is a licensed chiropractor who specializes in Applied Kinesiology. He grew up in the small town of Troy, Montana where his love for the outdoors developed. 

He attended Washington State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. There he studied the human body and biomechanics which has allowed him to be an expert on the body’s natural movement patterns. His graduate studies brought Chance to Dallas, Texas where he went to school at Parker University and that is where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. 

Further graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology allow him to provide the best care, he uses many factors including the acupuncture meridians, muscle imbalances, and nutrition to help patients attain optimal health. His hobbies include fly fishing, weightlifting, and spending time with his wife Amy and his Doberman Pinscher, Ranger. 


Melissa Poole, LMP


Melissa joins our team after having provided massage for over four years.  She is a 2009 graduate of Inland Massage Institute located in Spokane, Washington. Melissa grew up in a family that owned an adult family home.  This experience helped her develop the compassion that complements her amazing clinical skills and understanding.  We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from patients how have experienced her expertise and now feel greater freedom and function!  She has developed a reputation of a team player and regularly makes suggestions for her patients when it appears they need additional help with exercise and Chiropractic care.


Trina Rainey, LMP


Trina Rainey, LMT is a talented new addition to our massage staff.  She comes to this profession after years of working in the retail industry, but boy has she found her stride in this profession as well.   Trina’s commitment to customer service served her well, raising four children.  After deciding to follow her heart, she began training at Carrington College and finished with a 4.0 GPA, while receiving the “Award of Excellence.”  Trina understands that the combination of massage, manipulation and exercise are often needed to turn a tough case around.  We are excited to have her. 


     Stephanie Kowis, LMP


After living on the west side of the state for the last 16 years, Stephanie has moved back to her hometown of Spokane.  Stephanie attended Western Washington University and completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.  Due to a series of car accidents, Stephanie found herself becoming very familiar with the world of Chiropractic and Massage and was amazed at the level of health and healing that came about when she was receiving both.  Stephanie went on to study massage at Everest College in Tacoma Washington and practiced massage in Chiropractic offices for six years before moving back to Spokane. After taking some time off to have her daughter, Stephanie has joined the excellent Massage Team at Pearson and Weary and is excited to be back helping others reach a better quality of life.

Sabrina Gonder, Health Coach


Sabrina Gonder, CHHS, CCWS, has been in the health and wellness industry since 1995.  She is a Board Certified Health Coach and Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist educating and supporting individuals goals around nutrition and wellness. Sabrina specializes in digestive health and offers local workshops. She is the co-owner of Real Workplace Wellness and founded  the Spokane Longevity Community, based on five principles: Movement, Nutrition, Purpose, Relaxation, and Connection. She is passionate about helping others live their best life! She coaches full time both in person and on the phone if needed. 

Jen Fisk – Movement Specialist


Jennifer Fisk has been a Personal Fitness Trainer and Corporate Fitness Specialist for over 25 years. She is dedicated to developing innovative ways to incorporate fitness and health into people’s daily lives .Jennifer uses her Pilates and Core Strength background to facilitate awareness of daily movement and help others tune-in to their bodies strengths and weaknesses. She serves as the Fitness Specialist for Real Workplace Wellness and provides rehabilitation services for Pearson and Weary Pain Relief Clinic. Jennifer is truly passionate about helping people move their bodies and reach their personal fitness goals.

Cheree Sauer – Movement Specialist


Cheree has been a Licensed Athletic Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer for over 12 years in the Spokane area. Her background includes working with competitive athletes and individuals of all ages and levels to bring them optimal health and performance.  

Her background has included preventive rehabilitation, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, sports psychology, and nutrition.  She has a passion for bringing restoration and healing to individuals through a holistic approach that is specific to the person’s needs. Cheree has studied a variety of unique techniques. Ultimately she believes that bringing people back to the basic movement patterns they had as a child is foundational for the healing of injuries.   

Cheree is married to Matt and has two sons.  She loves the outdoors and exploring nature. Our patients are getting better faster since she has arrived.



Our FABULOUS Staff Members

  • Sabrina Gonder – Front Desk Manager
  • Lindsey Fluaitt – Front Desk and Reception
  • Jackie  Stafford – Front Desk and Receptions
  • Heather Thompson – Front Desk and Reception
  • Lauren Ambrose – Billing and Claims Manager
  • Carrera Campbell  – Eligibility Specialist and Front Desk Reception
  • Yolanda Loseo – Bookkeeper


Training and Medical Affiliations

  • Family Medicine of Spokane

104 West Fifth Avenue, Suite 200 West
Spokane, Washington 99204
(509) 624-2313

Family Medicine Spokane (FMS) is a fully accredited Family Medicine residency program affiliated with the University of Washington School of Medicine. It is the educational objective of FMS to prepare its graduates for practice in rural and underserved urban communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. The sponsoring institution for FMS is Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.

Drs. Kelli Pearson and Dana Weary have been teaching FMS residents for over 20 years as an instrumental part of the required Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine curriculum. Dr. Pearson not only has residents in her office but takes them with her to evaluate and treat athletes at Gonzaga University. Dr. Pearson also regularly conducts conferences at the Family Medicine Spokane clinic for residents, faculty, and staff regarding work and sports related injuries. She has the unique ability to understand and integrate the application of allopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic medicine in the care of our patients.

  • University of Washington School of Medicine

Third-year medical students from the University of Washington receive family medicine training in Spokane as part of the five-state WWAMI medical education program. While spending a day at Pearson and Weary Chiropractic, students learn first hand how family medicine and chiropractic specialties work together to improve our patient’s health and receive instruction in basic examination procedures that allow them to diagnose some conditions that commonly respond to chiropractic care.

One of the goals of the student’s family medicine training is to see how specialties work together to meet our patient’s needs for management of chronic conditions, as well as for promoting healthy lifestyles. The close collaboration between the doctors at Pearson and Weary Chiropractic Clinic and the patient’s family physician shows the students a “real life view” of how to provide excellent integrative care and help our mutual patients become active again.

Community Affiliation

  • Members of Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • COHE Mentorship program


Professional Affiliation

  • Members of the American Chiropractic Association
  • Members of the Washington State Chiropractic Association


Additional Clinic


Treatment facility in the Gonzaga University Training Room

Sports Teams


Crew, basketball, soccer baseball, volleyball, golf, cross country & tennis