A team that makes sense.

We are proud to offer a program for healing back pain and discomfort that is original to Pearson & Weary—and that gets extraordinary results for our clients. The opt-in Collaborative Back Care program is a six-visit course of treatment during which you’ll be treated by four of our expert providers. Instead of having to seek out a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a movement specialist, and a nutritionist on your own time—an investment of hours and hours, not to mention the legwork—our practitioners operate in a one-stop shop for efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Because our providers collaborate on your individual needs, comparing notes on your needs at the end of each of your visits, we’re able to speed up your recovery and get you on the road to peak health in just a few weeks!

How it Works

Clients who sign up for the CBC program can expect the following:

Long-Term Results

The collaborative approach that sees four of our practitioners working together on your case means that you get 100% of the best possible care in 20% of the time it would take you to seek out individual providers elsewhere.

When your six week CBC program comes to an end, you’ll have a very clear idea of how to keep your success going for long-term whole health. Not only are our providers tremendous and compassionate, they are committed to ensuring you become educated and empowered to make sure you are in charge. We want to see you trust your body once again. We know you can heal for good, and the key will be reminding you about that truth.

At Pearson & Weary, we think good care is not just about getting good results, but making sure you know what to do to stay out of harm’s way for the rest of your long, healthy life.

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