Case Studies

We wonder about feet?  How do they play a role?

While this is not an actual case study it’s a short video to explain just how important feet are in relationship to your entire spine. Dr. Jamie Gore takes less than two minutes to explain how you can determine if your feet are part of the problem?   Watch this.


We are more prone to change after hearing a good story.

5/17/17  From Craig!

During the Christmas holidays 2013, I tweaked my back, or at least that’s what I thought I did. It’s not uncommon for me to do something that causes lower back pain, but this pain extended down my left leg and went as far as my ankle. I was living with the worst “shin split” imaginable and nothing I did provided relief. Sitting hurt, standing hurt, laying down hurt, walking was a challenge; my lifestyle had descended to survival mode. I decided to visit my chiropractor, Dr. Pearson, to see if she could help me through, like she has in the past.

My first visit with Dr. Pearson ended with a talk about nutrition. Specifically, she focused on foods that caused inflammation. I remember her telling me that these foods would not allow my body to heal correctly or quickly and I should cut them out and add nutritious foods to my diet.

I believed that I ate good; not great, but felt like my diet was okay. I listened, but really didn’t make big efforts to change my diet. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I was trying to fix my back; at least that was my thinking.

Over the next several months, I worked with Dr. Pearson and even began working with a physical therapist (specifically traction). During this time, Dr. Pearson began or ended each session with a quick question on my diet. I had made changes so I was happy to reply, “I’m doing well.” Outside her office, I began to see other information about nutrition and specifically how an American diet was not healthy and was causing some serious illnesses. I didn’t relate; I wasn’t sick, I just had a bad back.

After two and half months of little to no relief, I began wondering if I should consider surgery. I’m the type of person who needs to be at peace with a decision and if surgery was in my future, I needed to research it. In my research, I found a treatment that had worked for others that I hadn’t tried. Mega dosages of vitamin C had worked in treating spinal stenosis (my official diagnosis) and some of the testimonials were powerful. Figuring it was my last option before surgery, I decided to try it.

One Sunday afternoon, I hobbled to the local health food store and purchased a bottle of vitamin C powder. I mixed up 5,000mg and drank it down (it took three full cups of water to get it down). I then relaxed in my recliner. About 20 minutes later, all the water I drank hit my bladder and I went to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I finished that I realized that the pain had diminished dramatically. I was amazed! Over the next 10 days, I increased my vitamin C intake to 40,000+ mg per day to wonderful results. The pain was 85-90% gone!! When I did have a moment of pain, I just doubled my vitamin C dose and found relief almost immediately. I did had some issues with the high dosages of vitamin C (when your body has enough vitamin C you reach bowel tolerance and will have diarrhea). This happened several times, but I just backed off a bit and then continued.

Over the past several years, I’ve found that it isn’t just treatments and vitamin C that have allowed my body to heal, it is a mixture of many things. As Americans, we want a quick fix. But our bodies aren’t designed that way. Visiting Dr. Pearson on a regular basis is a big part of my recovery, but so is what I do with my time away from her clinic (which she not only encourages, but also provides support).

Last year, I had blood drawn for a food allergy test. The results were shocking and life changing. I discovered that many of the items I was eating regularly (even with a healthy diet) were causing inflammation and in my case, high blood pressure. I had to completely revise my diet and it has greatly benefited my back health, my heart health and my general health.

I also began a regular exercise and stretch routine. This was something I had always wanted to do, but never found a “pain-free” time to start. So I worked myself into it slowly. Today, I go to the gym 4-5 times per week and spend about 30-45 minutes working out (stretching, aerobic exercise and light weights). This too has greatly benefited my health.

As I approach my 50’s, I’m in better all-around shape than just about any time during my life. My back still has issues, but I think about them less and less and am able to do all the things that I love to do without too much worry. All processed foods, as well as dairy, eggs and gluten are gone from my diet. It makes menu planning a challenge, but the end results have been overwhelmingly positive.

All of this is because of Dr. Pearson and her fantastic staff. Her encouragement and persistence helped me to see a wider vision than just my back. I am forever indebted to her and today, I’m a healthier and happy person!


This a lovely message from one of our patients.  While she was in for her own  mechanical problem, the stress her Mom was going through related to the onset of Alzheimer’s  was the source of her greatest pain.  We spent time talking about steps her Mom might take.  Thankfully, she took action. Below is what she shared!

“The real reason I wanted to check in is because you honestly are the one that changed my mother’s life and I wanted to thank you.  I told her to read Grain Brain and she did.  I honestly think she would like to tell everyone, “I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I have never felt better!”.  She is beyond healthy (went from 155 + pounds to now 128).  She doesn’t touch fructose.  She drinks only water.  She exercises every day.  She does take one medication for the disease but that is it.  My dad says she is in the best shape physically and mentally than she has been in 10 years.

It’s amazing.  So thank you.  She thanks you as well.”


Here is a story of a 42 year old man who had experienced over 4 bouts of back pain in the previous 5 years. The pain would go away with Chiropractic care, but it becoming getting harder and harder to accomplish symptom relief. Finally, the day came when the treatment no longer provided relief.  Push came to shove and he made some amazing changes and was able to avoid surgery. Read more. 


A 50 year old woman with more than 30 years of psoriatic arthritis, and over 10 years of taking methotrexate and Embrel, finally won the battle naturally. Today,  she is 90% medication free and has accomplished a positive outcome after years of thinking nothing could be done. Read more. 



Patients  report their digestion challenged after being prescribed proton pump inhibitors  (PPI’s: Prilosec / Omeprazole).   With early onset of  “heart burn”, (and even in cases with long standing heart burn),  there may be an easy solution that works without the need for medication;  it just takes a creative action with water.  Read more.   If you can relieve your symptoms with this approach, that is fantastic news given the fact that PPI’s notable deter our natural ability to break down proteins.  (Note: Persistent heart burn not responding to this conservative treatment,  requires additional attention,  as ongoing irritation to the esophagus from the reflux can be dangerous over time).



54 year old man with with a 64 inch waist weighing in at 350. He was ready to make a change but had no idea how to begin. Read more.