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You’re invited to a life-changing civility workshop. Come and learn the skills to create compassion and respect in the face of disagreement and walk away with more hope. The skill set will be shared and safely practiced in this workshop. (No courage needed!) The idea here is not to change mindsets but to understand mindsets. We find ways to understand the anatomy of a person’s belief system and see more than what we saw before. The goal is not about creating agreement but rather understanding. Your experience spending these two hours together will be rich.

What will you get from this workshop? 
Feeling compassion, respect, and understanding toward those you felt were wrong. Increased ability to work with others who disagree with you on important topics. Support to collaborate at home and work, understanding mindsets and honoring common ground.

Your Facilitator

Dr. Kelli Pearson

Dr. Kelli Pearson is uniquely positioned to facilitate this workshop. She is certified in “Immunity
to Change,” “Intrinsic coaching,” has completed the training in Non-Violent communication,
and has studied personally with Dr. David Reilly, as master in the art of listening. She is very
comfortable with conflict and finds great reward in finding the common denominator, seeing
the value of opening the heart towards your fellow man in compassionate understanding.

What Others Are Saying

"Dr. Pearson's Civility Workshop is for anyone who would like to understand any perspective rather than always being right. This class is about being open to new ideas and what is possible. Really listening to someone so that you can truly understand them is a skill and you will walk away from this class with tools to improve your listening. Too often we are just waiting to say what we want to say so we cannot really hear the other person."
- Happy Customer
"Thank you again for the eye-opening, incredible class last night. After the class I was still on such an energy rush I could barely sleep even after telling my husband all that I had learned. Your energy and genuine warmth is infectious. You taught me new ways of communicating with others. You gave me confidence to be heard, to listen, and to be authentic in both."
- Happy Customer

Civility: A Workshop To Bring Us Back Together Again (In Person)

DATES: The Third Tuesday of Every Month in 2022 (unless it is a Holiday)
TIME: 4:00PM-6:15PM
LOCATION: Location: E 16201 Indiana Ave Spokane Valley – Main floor conference room
COST: Our in-person Civility Workshop is 100% FREE!

Civility: A Workshop To Bring Us Back Together Again (Via Zoom)

DATES: The Second Tuesday of Every Month in 2022 (unless it is a Holiday)
TIME: 4:00PM-6:15PM
LOCATION: From Home – We will send a Zoom link at least 24 hours before class time to the email used during checkout.
COST: This virtual workshop is just $29

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