Dr. Kelli Pearson is teaching a four hour workshop on a regular basis.  This class, “Maturing Human Body 101” is designed for folks over 50 and wanting to feel great.

“If I had ten dollars for every time a patient told me that aging is not for sissies, I could build a brand new integrated health clinic! You are misinformed, aging can be impressive.”

Your Doctor will tell you that you are just getting old and should expect aches and pains, but we would like to teach how to prove them wrong by investing less than two hours per week.

  • Reminder that aging can be GREAT. Think of growing old as growing bold.
  • Quick, effective stretching strategies for both the muscular system and most importantly for the ligamentous system, which is really what we need over the age of forty.
  • How you can keep your metabolism revved up, and your heart happy and weight in good shape in less than one hour per week.
  • How to sit stand and walk. While that seems utterly ridiculous, you will find these tips can change lives.
  • What are the bare essentials regarding supplementation and why? You don’t have to break the bank.
  • Demonstration on how to make the most nutritious breakfast by Sabrina, our fantastic health coach.

When: Saturday January 19th 2019

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Where: CenterPlace, 2426 N Discovery Place  Spokane Valley

Cost: $89 or pre-registration two weeks in advance:  $79

How to register:  927 8997 or email

We promise any age will benefit, the older, the better!




Contemporary Nutritional Education… Free!!!

Dr. Kelli has a tremendous amount of experience knowing how and what so share in allowing you to be in charge of your own body.

These classes are now on line. Dr. Pearson is designing a 10 module series of short webinars.  The construction has begun and each week more information will be added. Simply go to the “Wellness” tab and click on the Nutritional Webinars.  They are designed to be short, (3 to 6 minutes)  and very helpful.  At the end of each module  you can take a short quiz to see how well you comprehended the information.  If at the end of all the modules, you still desire some one on one work, we would be happy to have you connect with one of our expert nutritional coaches to do some one on one phone work.  To make that happen, call Leanne, our office manager,  and let her know of your desire. You can reach her at 927 8997.

Good news! All these webinars are FREE!

This is what some are saying the nutrition information:

“I have been heavy for over 20 years and no amount of dieting every worked and I certainly did not stick with it.  Dr. Kelli was able to examine my lifestyle and start picking low hanging fruit so the changes I made were easy but most importantly, they worked. My colleagues used to call me Large Larry, now my nickname is Medium Size Larry!  You will truly benefit from this education. ”       Larry B.

“I was facing back surgery after many years of intermittent back pain. I had an appointment to see a surgeon when Dr. Kelli started talking (lecturing!) to me about how my diet can  be causing the pain.  I did not listen at first, but thankfully she kept pounding away and I finally got the big idea. I now eat much differently and it has been easy. I have added some natural anti inflammatories, in particular Vitamin C and that surgical consult has been cancelled and I getting my life back.    I am so thankful I started listening.”      Craig B.


A  30 day Exercise Program what works …. For Beginners

Good news… we have an easy 12 minute exercise program for beginners that you can start on your own!  Just follow the easy instructions here.   Be sure to ask you doctors for insight on how to do the lunges correctly, but the rest is very very easy and assured to created a stronger happier you.