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Chronic Neck Pain – Learn the Steps to Recovery

Well over 15% of the population has chronic neck pain. Often people learn to live with it as many of the treatment approaches they tried have not worked. At PWC, we have discovered that the right combination of treatments is often necessary to crack the pain code. We provide a clinical workshop dedicated to education and self-evaluation to help define what might be missing in your care.

The 10 step process includes learning about:

  • Identifying levels of joint fixation or restriction
  • Determining the presence of inhibited muscles.
  • Identify muscles that may be tight but responsive to stretching
  • Identify weak muscles in the neck that are quickly strengthened
  • Identify weak muscles in the mid-back that are quickly strengthened
  • Determine if you would benefit from home traction and what steps to take
  • Understand the value of certain supplements that can reduce your pain
  • Recognize the way you sit and stand can play a large role in the problem.
  • How to support your posture with particular pillows
  • The art of breathing and how meditation can play a role in letting go of the pain

This class will be conducted on zoom until the Covid concerns are settled, and everyone desires to meet in person. We can accommodate two people in person in the clinic in addition to the zoom participants.

Outcome: You will have a road map for self-help and recommendation for additional care with our chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritional coaches, or movement specialists.

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