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Massage Chairs

Our office massage chairs are available for all our patients after treatment. We recommend you take 15 minutes, post-treatment, and relax in our massage chairs, located in a peaceful, quiet room in the office. This service is completely complimentary and just another perk of Pearson & Weary!


Arthrostim is a handheld mechanical adjusting instrument that we use in our office to provide an effective treatment for those patients who are very stiff and unable to relax with traditional treatment. The mechanism has a different frequency of impulse that helps treat joint restriction. The technique comfortable, effective, and just another tool for healing in our arsenal.

Low-Level Light Laser

Our low-level light laser is used to reduce superficial inflammation. Laser treatment is perfect for tendonitis in the elbows and ankles. The treatment is 3 minutes long, given the machine's strength, and can expedite treatment outcomes.

Laser Treatment


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