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Clinic Forms

  • New Patient intake form – Print here
  • Our agreement and Policy form – Important to print and sign
  • If your pain relates to a car accident or on the job injury: Please print 
  • Massage Intake form – Print here
  • We are focused in improving your life. This form helps us determine what actions we need to help you regain. Please print          If you have any questions about this form, we can help you at the front desk.
  • Last but not least, this form helps you to understand our cash discount plan for services that may not be covered by insurance or if you do not have insurance benefits.  Please print.
  • For those who are scheduled to have an intensive metabolic testing with Dr. Chance O’Looney, prior to your appointment please complete this two page questionnaire.  Please print.


Exercise and Rehab Instruction

  • How to Stabilize My Back
  • Want to stretch but you only have 3 minutes?  Don’t want to have any pain?  Can only find a place to stand?  Don’t want to change your clothes?  Hey, this 3 minute stretching video is for you!   Click this link and find an easy and effective stretching program that affects all parts of your body!


Documentary Videos to Watch





  • The China Study – Colin Campbell, PhD  This book describes the outcome of the largest and longest nutritional study done in the world to date.
  • The Rave Diet – Mike Anderson   Alternate approaches to cancer are notable and worth exploring. Mike  will help you navigate the landscape.
  • Engine 2 Diet – Rip Esselstyn  >Rip is a firefighter, vegetarian and educator who has shown clearly that his strength and fortitude overcome his other meat eating colleagues.  This includes recipes that have a “manly’ flare!
  • Omnivore‘s Dilemma – Michael  Pollan  He reveals the truth regarding what we are facing as we expect to feed more  meat products to more and more people.
  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – B. Caldwell and C. Esselstyn  These authors are senior physicians who can educate you about how to eat yourself out of heart disease.
  • Your Body’s Many Cries for Water – You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty – F. Batmanghelidj, MD — Once a prisoner in an Iranian jail, he was given the opportunity to treat the inmates with few resources. His success with hydration for multiple conditions was truly astonishing.
  • No More Heart Disease – Louis Ignarro, MD  A pharmacologist who has was co-recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology, has contributed tremendous research in understanding how nitric oxide can reverse atherosclerosis.
  • Ultimate Anti-Aging Program – Gary Null, PhD Gary has been working in the field of longevity for over 25 years and has contributed to the idea that Alzheimer’s may be related to  poor dietary and exercise habits.
  • Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser   A must read to understand the addictive value of fast foods,  and how in fact that is by design.
  • Do you Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?- Jennifer Daniels, MD   While this would suggest a more superficial content, in fact,  Jennifer reminds us that beauty comes form the inside out.
  • Younger Next Year for Women – Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge  This will put a fire in your belly to make change and teach you where you might begin. 
  • Younger Next Year for Men – Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge  Of course there is one for men.
  • The McDougall Program – John McDougall, MD   This  teaches you how to eat well and heal from the inside out.
  • Healing Words – Larry Dossey, MD   Dr. Dossey does a great job reminding us that we are more than a physical frame, but that love also plays a role in healing.
  • One Small Step Can Change Your Life – Robert Maurer, PhD   A local Spokane provider, Dr. Maurer discusses the importance of taking small but consistent steps to make change.
  • The Brain That Heals Itself – Norman Doidge, MD For those that think the brain does not regenerate, think again. Dr. Doidge will provide nothing but hope that your nervous system is a healing machine.
  • Non Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg, PhD     Happiness is tied into treating each other fairly and communicating with love.  Marshall is passionate and capable of teaching these particular techniques.
  • Kitchen Table Wisdom – Rachel Remen, MD    Once a MD in chronic pain with colitis, Dr. Remen reveals many memorable stories about how the mind helps the body heal.
  • Silence Kills – Lee Gutkind   He shares personal essays from health care providers, addressing the devastating results that can occur from a lack of communication and understanding.
  • Loving Each Other – Leo Buscalgia, PhD — Dr. Leo reminds us how the heart can heal, particularly when we keep it open!