Nutritional Webinars and Coaching

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Good …. no actually it is  GREAT news!

If you are busy and don’t have time for classes, we have created the perfect solution.  Free information that is accurate, provided in short chunks with the ability to test your knowledge.  We are providing FREE short ( 4 to 7  minute webinars) that address a myriad of critical subjects, necessary to make your body sing.

The list that follows are the webinars for your viewing. After you have have watched the webinars in a given modules and  you still feel you need some one on one training, we have provided a perfect solution.  Sabrina Gonder is an extraordinary nutritional coach that can move you forward.  We have 30 minute appointment with her and all you need to do is call the office to make an appointment.

Ready Set Go!

Before you begin, let me be the first one to say that starting your day with real food is HUGE!  Here is my favorite recipe  to get your day going, and for those you love at home as well. Print this


Step 1 –  WATER  Hyd *rate to Vib * rate!

The magic begins here:  Click here


Module 1 – SUGAR

Sugar Management: Tell me about Insulin the Pancreas:  Part 1

Sugar Management: Some sugar is okay, but how much? Part 2

Sugar Management: Where is it hiding?  Part 3

Sugar Management: The magic of understanding the Glycemic Index: Part 4 

Quick handout for great snacks without TOO much sugar: Click Here 

Quiz for Module 1: Click Here



The Skinny about Fats: the history of how we have villainized fats:   Part 1

The Skinny about Fats: How does it play a role in pain?  Part 2

The Skinny about Fats: How should we cook with it and how much can we eat? Part 3

The truth about Cholesterol  Part 1

The actual challenge may not be Cholesterol Part 2 

Quiz for Module 2  Click Here


Module 3 – DAIRY

What are the symptoms related to milk ingestion?  Part 1

Is this a lactose issue or something else? Part 2

So what is BCM7 and does it matter to me?  Part 3

If I could do dairy, what would be the safest way?  Part 4

Hey, want a cool recipe to make kefir out of coconut cream? Print this

Quiz for Module 3 Click Here 


Module 4 – GLUTEN

What is Gluten and why the big deal?  Part 1

Gluten’s effects on the whole body Part 2

The biochemistry of how gluten causes trouble Part 3

How in the world do I make any of these suggested changes?  Part 4

Love bread and can’t live without it? Try this amazing recipe for gluten free fun. Print this

Quiz for Gluten Module Click here


Module 5 – PROTEIN

How much protein do we really need?  Part 1

How should I get my protein, what do eat?  Part 2

Determining how much protein in need based on my weight.  Click here

Quiz for Protein Module  Click here


Module 6  – COLON HEALTH

Why do I still feel bad despite all my good changes?   Part 1

What do my bugs really do for me? Part 2

How  do GMO’s influence the gut? How can the gut make me sad?  Part 3

What do I do to challenge my bug population? Part 4

What are some solutions that really work? Part 5 

Quiz for Module 6  Click Here

Pdf related to Quiz on your Gut  Bug Health  Click Here



Why sleep matters so much to your eating habits and ability to heal  Part 1 

Quiz for Sleep Module  Click Here



What are the absolute essentials? Part 1

What should I take for particular conditions? Part 2


Module 9 – MOVEMENT

Want an exercise program that will work in 30 days and will not be too hard, and fun?  Click Here 

Want to stretch but don’t know where to start, and you need it to be EASY?   Check out this video

If you want to do a quick review of the 2 bounce protocol and you have already been taught by our movement specialist, this video is for you.

Here is a terrific warm up that is designed to reduce injuries before excessive exercise. Check out this link.

For those of you over 50 or if you have had several injuries, learning to stretch your ligaments are critical.  This video is only if you had had training with our movement specialists. It is critical you understand the reason for this work and you have to be cleared by your Chiropractor to make sure these are save for you.   This is not to be done if you have had spinal surgery.  Click Here



Sometimes we eat unconsciously and are not even hungry.  We have a great resource to help you with that.  Click here







Fun facts… just for… Fun!

Pomegranates….. so good but so impossible to eat!  Right?  No.. check this out. You can harvest all the juicy super nutritious gems out of a pomegranate in less than 30 seconds, while having fun. Check this out!  You can now buy the 4 pack at Costco and YES, eat them.  Put a 1/2 cup on your Coconut Bliss ice cream (non diary) for a special treat.

What’s the fuss about Pro-Biotics? Well, the truth is we have more bugs (biotics) in our body than our body has cells.  We are sort of like a “gut bag” with an opening on one end, (your mouth) and another on the other end. You know.  We then have flapping arms and legs that move us around from one feeding zone to another, and then to the bathroom to relieve ourselves!  Okay, so yes, we do much more sophisticated tasks along the way, but think about it.  The bottom line is you NEED to populate your body with the good bugs (pro-biotics) that counter the anti-biotics, which destroy our bugs.   To give you a better perspective watch this 3 minute video.  In our clinic we carry a pro-biotic  that you can count on to be good quality at a good value, because the task of picking out a good pro-biotic at a health food store can be daunting.