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The Foundation to Your Journey


Commonly, the case of back pain is due to joints in the spine being restricted and fixated and can be easily remedied by manipulation. Chiropractors have eight years of college education and are especially capable of recognizing the level of restriction and equally adept at loosening the joints in question. Every joint flex, extend, side bend left and right, and rotate left and right, and a pain free spine enjoys a good range of motion in the spine as well as the joints of the extremities such as shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and angles. If you are interested in more good literature supporting the value of manipulation, please follow the link below. 

Graston-Hall Technique

We have access to a tool-assisted therapy, known as the Graston tools, that increase blood flow to aid in the healing process. These beveled metal tools are used to scrape the skin gently and have been shown to aid in healing. You can think of this approach as a deeper, more intense version of manual therapy and it can be beneficial in areas with slower than expected recovery. 

Dr. James Cox developed a unique treatment table to treat herniated discs in the lumbar spine and cervical spine. Disc challenges are common conditions, and in addition to manipulation, using the distraction tables can help reduce herniations, helping to avoid the need for disc surgery. Both Dr. Weary and Dr. Pearson have completed extra training in Indianapolis to use the table efficiently. We have two of these unique tables in the clinic. Patients appreciate this treatment and find it very easy and comfortable.  


AMIT was developed by Dr. Alan Beardall and further developed by Dr. Craig Buhler, who certifies chiropractors worldwide in this treatment. Both Dr. Pearson and Dr. Weary have completed the year-long training and completed their certification. AMIT is used to restore the function of muscles how have become inhibited from trauma or overwork. This work included stimulating various reflex points in the body to help reboot the body's ability to effectively use a muscle. If for example, you fell on your hip, you can traumatize and inhibit muscle that controls the position of the femur in the acetabulum in the pelvic joint. If a muscle cannot operate effectively, it cannot control the joint effectively, then chronic pain ensues. This treatment can be the answer to many chronic pain conditions. 

Strain Counter-Strain (SCS)

SCS is an approach that helps muscles relax when they are having a hard time letting go. Depending on the injury's circumstance, the body can keep a muscle engaged, even when the condition no longer serves its purpose. SCS is a gentle soft tissue therapy that requires extra postgraduate training. Dr. Jamie Gore has special certification and can provide this approach when the muscles do not respond to stretching and massage. 

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