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About the Podcast

This podcast is terrific for anyone over 40 and under 100! It's an excellent listen for those who want to live well up to the day they die. While that sounds morbid,  it is better than dying a slow death unable to move during the ten years before that final day.

So give it a listen and follow along - you're to find something to improve your life!

About the Host


Dr. Pearson has been in practice since 1982, and in Spokane since 1984. She has been co-owner of Pearson & Weary Clinics with her husband, Dr. Weary, since 1989. Beginning in 1986, Kelli joined Group Health Northwest as a clinician and director of chiropractic services, a position which continued for 14 years, before joining Dr. Weary full time. She has a diplomate certification in Chiropractic Orthopedics and is currently completing her certification in Chiropractic Occupational Health. She is full body certified in Active Release Technique as well as Graston Technique, two of the most effective soft tissue treatment strategies utilized in sports medicine today. Dr. Pearson has also enjoyed working with the Gonzaga Bulldogs from 1997 through the present, as well as the Spokane Shock, our local arena football team since their inception in 2006.

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