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Welcome to the Brain Club!

Nothing accelerates brain recovery faster than FX405.

The most advanced low-level laser that can treat an extensive range of brain related conditions.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

It is the use of low intensity photonics energy as a treatment modality. We know light from the sun helps plants to photosynthesize as well as help Vitamin D inside our bodies. The three laser lights, green, red, and lavender each have a profound effects on our bodies as well, in particular on the mitochondria in each of our cells. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and when injured or inflamed the cell struggles to recover. These three lights together stimulate the mitochondria to recover. There are over 10,000 published studies in the National library of medicine showing the effectiveness and safety to laser. 


Photonics stimuli excite the body's cells infusing them with energy, with the three primary reaction being, reduction of inflammation, cell function and increased blood flow. 

The potential applications of low-level laser are almost limitless, however; to date Erchonia has received FDA market clearance for neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, nociceptive musculoskeletal pain, plantar fasciitis, postoperative pain, acne, and more. Erchonia continues to conduct clinical trials on other applications. 

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, fast and effective modality that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema, and promote healing. As well as being extremely safe. 


How much does it cost?


For best results, we recommend pairing low-level laser therapy with chiropractic care. 

How long is a treatment?

10 minutes

How fast does laser work?

Most everyone who uses the laser for the first time notices a minimum of 30% improvement in symptoms within the first 24 hours. 

How many treatments do I need?

To see long-term results, it is best to follow the treatment recommendations that have been clinically researched.

Initially, this can rage from 2x per week to reduce down to 2x per month as the brain starts to repair. 


Check out The Laser Light Show Podcast

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On the Laser Light Show they explore the science and clinical application of low level laser therapy


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