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An Essential Piece of the Puzzle


Healing & Education

When you come to visit us, we find it is essential that we provide both chiropractic manipulation and movement education from the outset. Research has clearly shown superior results from a combination approach pairing movement education and manipulation together. 

With this approach to care, we can be certain that you get not only the solutions you need to heal, but the tools you need to get out and move in a way that's healthy for your body. 

A Whole Body Approach to Care

Our goal at Pearson & Weary is not only to help you leave our office feeling better, but to help you find the root cause of your unique pain, and teach you the tools to move forward in life on your own. Without proper education of how to move your body, the reason to us in the first place will likely return. In our minds, that is not good care.

Proper whole body healing requires a collaborative approach to care, something we encourage heavily in our office. We recognize that pain can come from many sources, often simultaneously, and work together as a team, alongside you, to provide a truly healthy life. When you call in to schedule your first appointment, our staff makes sure you get an appointment with our movement specialist on the same day or second visit to start you off on the correct path right from the start.


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