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Let's Make This Real!

Good... No, actually it is GREAT news!

If you are busy and don't have time for classes, we have created the perfect solution. Free information is accurate, provided in short chunks with the liability to test your knowledge. We are providing FREE short ( 4-7 minute webinars) that address a myriad of critical subjects, necessary to make your body sing.

The list that follows are the webinars for your viewing. After you have watched the webinars in the modules given and you feel you need some one on one training, we have provided a perfect solution. Sabrina Gonder is an extraordinary nutritional coach that can move you forward. We have 30 minute appointments abatable with her and all you need to do is call the office and you can get her information to schedule with her.

Ready Set Go!

Before you begin, let me be the first one to say that starting your day

Water: Hydrate to Vibrate

Water may be all you need! Learn about the new standards determining your real requirements.

Module 1 - Sugar

Module 2 - Fats & Cholesterol

Module 3 - Dairy

Module 4 - Gluten

Module 5 - Protein

Module 6 - Colon Health

Module y - Sleep Hygiene

Module 8 - Supplements: What & Why?

Module 9 - Movement

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