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The Pearson & Weary Difference

We do things a little differently.



We have been around a very long time. In fact, our combined experience in practice is more than 85 years. (Between four doctors, that means some of us are getting old!) And we love what we do. Over the past 30 years, we have continually improved our understanding and skill, enabling us to help a wider and wider variety of conditions in shorter and shorter periods of time. 

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You're in good hands.


Deep experience leads to extraordinary efficiency. In most of the cases we treat, we expect to see significant improvement within 4 to 6 visits - and if we don't, we will consider sending you on for another opinion. What do we mean by "significant?" Your condition has either resolved or improved enough that we both, patient and doctor, are convinced we can resolved or improved enough that we both, patient and doctors, are convinced we can resolve the problem with a little more time and work. Of course, there are always exceptions, particularly for very difficult or chronic cases. However, we expect the majority of our patients to improve to discharge standards within 2 to 6 weeks, including some of those with problems that have persisted for years without relief. 


After you call the office, we call your insurance company so we can help you understand your benefits. You'll fill out a few forms to help us better understand exactly why you are seeking care, and how we should proceed. It all makes a difference. 

During your first one hour appointment, you will be seen by one of our staff doctors, who will talk with you about the primary reason you decided to call for care - but also about your lifestyle, and your hopes and aspirations related to your health. After a consultation, we'll do a full exam, including any orthopedic or neurologic testing needed to understand your problem. We will also review any imaging you've had to date and discuss whether future testing is necessary. Then, we will begin treatment. The doctor will make recommendations for additional care if indicated, including massage or nutritional coaching. 

Once your first visit has concluded, you'll spend 15 minutes with our movement specialist, teaching you crucial solutions for your individual needs. Then, after every appointment, we invite you to relax in our complimentary massage chairs. Finally, our care coordinator will get your next appointment scheduled and help you with any follow-up questions and resources relevant to you.

What do I wear?

A common concern! We will need to see as much of your spine as possible during this visit, so wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. But don't stress about it - we're happy to lend you shorts, gowns, or t-shirts appropriate for an exam if you like. 

Whole Body Health- It's Like a Cake!

Imagine your favorite kind of cake. Red velvet? Chocolate ganache? Whatever you're picturing, picture the perfect version of it. Mmm. Now, when we think of cake, we think of a singular object, right? But, a cake doesn't come into being fully formed - instead, it's the result of careful measuring of ingredients tuned to a specific outcome. 

Your peak health is like a cake, in a way. Just as a cake can't exist without essential ingredients - flour, sugar, eggs, butter - neither can whole person healing exist without all necessary treatment options. Too often we choose just one ingredient at a time off the recipe for health.

Take back pain, for example. If we put one ingredient, say, physical therapy, in the bowl by itself, we might spend several months doing exercises and hoping for relief. But just as an egg doesn't miraculously turn into a cake, it may be the case that PT alone won't miraculously solve your pain. Unfortunately, when that becomes clear, many people move onto the next treatment completely, simply, abandoning the first. An egg is not a cake, and neither is just plain flour. 

Enter our chiro kitchen: At P&W, we recognize that back pain can come from many sources, but frequently, the common challenges include joint restriction, muscle tightness, funky (non-ideal) movement patterns, poor nutrition, anxiety, and fear. Our clinic makes avalliable comprehensive treatment that addresses all of those challenges all at once. Plus, if you choose to enroll in our six-week Collaborative Back Care program, you'll have four separate providers (the chiropractor, massage therapist, movement specialist, and nutritional coach) attending to your pain, convening at the end of the day to share insights on your visit, and sharing education in the form of daily videos on related topics. 

We're serious about our metaphorical baked goods here, and in our specialists, we've got top-of-the line ingredients to mix up for any number of conditions. 


MYTH: It takes forever! They just want you to come back for more and more visits!

REALITY: Not if we can help it. Most of our patients see significant improvement in just 3-5 visits. Those who enroll in our Collaborative Back Care program can expect to have individualized attention from our practitioners for six weeks.

MYTH: It's too expensive!

REALITY: You might be surprised by what your insurance already covers, or by how affordable our services are on their own. We have a cash discount you can take advantage of if you choose not to bill your insurance provider. Aside from the significant emotional cost to dragging through life, our collaborative approach may even help you save money in the long run by keeping you from endless future medical visits. 

MYTH: It might be painful or scary! What if it causes damage?

REALITY: The science is very clear: chiropractic is not dangerous. Here's one (of many) peer-reviewed study that proves it. Manipulation can be uncomfortable, sure - like when we're digging around with our thumbs to break up scar tissue inside a muscle. But this minor discomfort is essential to get you back to living a healthy life. You'll likely feel great immediately after chiropractic manipulation, too!


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