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Ageless Living Workshop

Dr. Kelli Pearson

Dr. Kelli Pearson has been a chiropractor physician, a health-care advocate and fitness expert for over 37 years, working with every type of healthcare discipline. As she moved into her 7th decade and understood that aging, while unavoidable, does not have to be overwhelming, she knew she had to share the truths she learned with others

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Discover the power of age-defying stretching and wellness

  • Two-Bounce stretching techniques from the acclaimed book "8 Minutes to Ageless."

  • Enhance flexibility, prevent injuries and promote youthful vitality. 

  • Insights into self-help techniques for overall health improvement. 

1 - Hour Two Bounce Class

Experience ageless living in just 60 minutes!

Transformative Wellness Beyond Stretching

30 minutes to touching lives in various ways

  • Addressing chronic pain, neuropathy, numbness, and tingling.

  • Functional medicine and strategies to reduce peripheral neuropathy. 

Helping Hands

Complementary copy of 8 Minutes to Ageless

This book is dedicated to teaching you about self-management. But don't panic; it's designed to be easy and to take very little time. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to get to have arrived at your forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, or even into your tenth decade. There is no best starting place except the moment you pick up this book. That is an excellent time to start. So here we go...

Sensational Seven

Dr. Kelli will share seven very important life saving and life promoting habits that are easy and efficient. Most of them can be performed for free. She will also introduce the other health enhancing programs the clinic offers that are based on patient involvement and empowerment tools, many of which are listed in her sensational 7.

  • The power of hydration

  • The power of grounding

  • The power of cold therapy/saunas

  • The power of Vitamin C, Tumeric and Fish oil

  • The power of heart math

  • The power of understanding glucose levels

  • The power of understanding the importance of motion

What should I wear?

Wear stretching clothes.

Embrace a vibrant lifestyle with ageless living!

Call 509-927-8997 to reserve your spot today!

Don't miss out on the journey to optimal health

Cost: $25

Date of class:
Wednesday June 5th at 5:30PM 

(check in is 5:15 with the front office staff)

16201 E Indiana Ave Suite #1111

Spokane Valley, WA 99216

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