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Pain and discomfort don’t have to be your new normal. Not anymore. Our team is passionate about finding novel solutions to common muscle and joint problems—and we have the education and experience to help you. Moreover, we know better than most that locating the right care at the right time can be difficult and confusing. The Pearson & Weary commitment to providing honest, competent answers to all your whole-body health questions means you don’t have to go it alone.

Our offices are a place to be heard, understood, and taken care of by a team of true experts who will guide you on the path to wellness as efficiently as possible. We care: nothing more, nothing less.


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Chiropractic philosophy 101

Skillful, compassionate chiropractic care can be invaluable in restoring your health. That’s why our ultimate goal is to get you out of pain—and fully restored—for all of the challenges you may face through the years. During our 39 years of service to Spokane, we’ve developed a multifaceted approach to give you the tools you need to be healthy and well again, even if you’re dealing with pain that hasn’t responded to other forms of care.

Our success in helping our patients to heal is based on the partnerships we form with you. W

We will do our best to inspire you to take an active role in your own care, and trust that, as you participate, we will demonstrate the power you have to contribute to your own recovery and set new standards for your health.

The P&W commitment is to your overall health: If we don’t have the solution that’s right for you in-office, we will be with you every step of the way while we connect you with a greater community of talented health care providers to ensure you get the help you need.

Comprehensive Care from Your First Visit

P&W’s service doesn’t end at quality chiropractic care. At your first session, we’ll spend an hour understanding your situation fully, including a complete exam to discern the problem. You will be examined by the Chiropractor, and a course of care will be determined based on your individual needs. You might then see our massage therapist for an hour-long appointment, or the nutritional coach for thirty minutes, or the movement specialist for fifteen.

For those clients who elect to follow our Collaborative Back Care program, we also will help you add tools to your whole-health care box. Those who opt into CBC are usually treated by all our practitioners over the course of care, though each client is different); each of these treatments lasts an efficient 15 minutes (except the massage, which can go longer).

Whichever path you end up on, after treatment we’ll invite you to relax in our massage chairs.

More than one first-timer to chiropractic care has left with a big smile, telling us they wish they would have come sooner.  

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Collaborative Back Care Approach

We offer a unique approach to caring for lower back pain: our Collaborative Back Care Program. Over the course of six visits, patients in this program will go from diagnosis, to exclusive educational feedback, to visits with all four of our providers, who will then work with each other on your specific case to make sure you’re being seen in the right way for you.

This kind of boutique care collaboration is rare in the medical world, and we are proud to encourage clients to take advantage of the depth of our expertise in chiropractic, massage therapy, movement, and nutrition. Given the right team, how much healing could you feel over the course of a month and a half?  

The Journey to Wellness

What would it be like to feel truly well again? What would it be like to be able to pick up your grandbabies, or throw around the football in the yard? To sit through that fourth Zoom meeting of the day without a break? What would it be like to take a walk just for the pleasure of walking? Being able to move freely means you can work, play, exercise, and express yourself the way you are meant to. There is no substitute for normal, pain-free function. Put your health—and  yourself—first.

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What Our Clients Say

"I give Dr's Pearson and Weary my highest recommendation for pain relief. Months of bad posture in my profession compounded into pain in my back and hip that was affecting my daily routines. I made an appointment with Dr. Weary and he was very knowledgeable and compassionate to my needs. I walked into the clinic with discomfort in my spine, I left feeling like a brand new human being. I will definitely be seeking further preventative treatment with Dr's Pearson and Weary in the near future. Thanks again,"
Dr. Anthony W.
Dr. Anthony W.
"Kelli & Dana have given me a big portion of my physical life back. I had severe shoulder, hip and back issues before coming to the clinic. After a short time they helped me avoid surgery and be able to play with my kids again!
Thank you to the whole team at P & W for the amazing results!"
Jesse J.
Jesse J.
"Dr. Pearson is so down-to-earth, entirely competent and fiercely intelligent, a joy to visit with. Her treatments are not "padded", just very necessary and I've never felt better. Love the work that Cheree is doing as well! Highly recommend."
Thomasin H.
Thomasin H.